Walnut Holey Bench (made to order)

Walnut Holey Bench (made to order)


French Walnut Holey Bench ~ Lounge Table 

The French Walnut Holey Bench Lounge Table is part of a series of work I create on a regular basis. I create items that are both sculptural and practical. This work is designed for any room in a house or garden. from Lounge table/seat or for the foot of a bed in your bedroom. elegant and tactile to touch. 

Height 20" / 51 cm
length 36" / 92cm
Width 14" / 36cm

The Legs are made of 2" steel tube with reinforcing bars hidden underneath, the Walnut is finished with Natural Tung Oil to give it a natural lustre and allows the wood to breathe.

The Piece can be used as a Bench or Table, Glass can be added to the top if you wish but the design does allow for cups and all objects normally placed on a table to be used without issue. The design is functional and stunning due to the grain of the wood used.

N.B  I also make this design into headboards and large benches commissions welcome. 

The Sculptural side of the piece: 
The idea behind this work is to create a meditation seat, somewhere that the user/s can sit and explore the grain of the wood, build a rapport with each recess. Some say it reminds them of the old “curly wurly” chocolate bar. For me, the works are about creating space for the mind and eyes. Breaking up the grain shows the subtly of the wood ability to hold us and while we rest.  

Walnut is an extremely hard wood and doesn’t come along very often in the Uk. This piece comes from my wife’s family farm in France. 
Near Poitier felled due to storm damage in 2010, it’s a bit of history now turned into furniture.

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The Holey Bench is a made o order item

please state size and wood type you require when ordering.

Wood options:

Oak, Ash, Beech  & Walnut

The lead time is 4 weeks at present.